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Doctor Who Challenge (New School) Day 2: Favourite Companion.

Donna Noble.

I absolutely adore Donna! She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s cheeky, and she’s totally awesome! She’s very brave, although sometimes she’s afraid of her adventures with the Doctor. She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to go with him the first time she met him, she was scared, which makes her more… real. But then she made her best to find him and she finally succeeded! Ans she became his really good friend, best friend actually. What I also like in Donna - she’s not in love with the Doctor. She cares about him, and she is a good, supportive friend, but there’s no romantic line. That’s great for me.

She’s not self confident sometimes, but she is the most important woman in the whole Universe. She had to forget this, but the Universe never will. She’s kind. She’s loud. She’s ginger. She’s brilliant!

Donna Noble. The Woman Who Forgot.